Michigan Townhalls

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A 7/12/2018 League of Women Voters Candidate Forum question for all candidates:
Now we move on to final statements, each candidate is allowed two minutes and we will start with Mr. Marinaro.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who made it out tonight, and to the people that worked to put this together. This is where political dollars should be going, not flyers, not Facebook ads, not yard signs. Nothing can ever replace real conversation, and real conversations involve honesty. I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear, I don't tiptoe around controversial issues. Most politicians seem to have perfected the art of giving non answers. That intentional lack of transparency is a warning sign that they don't actually care about solving problems, they only want to see who gets the credit and who gets the blame.

Always follow the money, campaign contributions buy influence and money talks. On principle I'm donating 100% of anything I've received to charity. And believe me, when I tell that to political action committees they give me zero, so I have nothing raised. Protecting our democracy is more important than any one election. I'm not asking for your vote, I'm asking you to wake up. Thank you.
A 7/12/2018 League of Women Voters Candidate Forum question for all candidates:
Ms. Theis, your closing statement.

Thank you very much. I was born in Michigan and I was raised in Michigan. I moved to Livingston County in 2000. I've got a degree in biology and chemistry, I know deep, I know details. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. If you have further questions you can find them on my website lanatheis.com.

As your next state senator, I'm going to continue to be open and accessible and truthful in my interactions with my constituents. I look for ways to put government back to the box that it was originally intended to inhabit: that major funding priorities are public infrastructure, public education and public safety. And that I continue to do due diligence: I spend 10 to 20 hours a week reading bills for the session. There's a lot more to this job than pushing the red or green button, you need to know what it is you're voting for.

The money that I've raised is spent so that I can have a communication level with you, you need to be able to know who you're voting for and not everybody can be here tonight. And I think it's very important, not unlike advertising for a product or business. I need to be able to reach out to you, you need to be able to reach out to me and understand who I am. I owe that to you so that you can know who to vote for. I'm going to continue to work hard to keep Michigan in the prosperity that it is currently in. Thank you.
A 7/12/2018 League of Women Voters Candidate Forum question for all Republican candidates:
Our first speaker tonight is Adam Dreher, Democrat who does not have a primary coming up. But in line with previous forums, Voters Voice has let the candidate without a primary speak for two minutes prior to the debate time of the other parties, allowing for the greater community to hear all sides of the issues, for all candidates from the office. And with that, Mr. Dreher.

Good evening everyone, thanks for coming out tonight. As mentioned, my name is Adam Dreher and I'm running for State Senate here in the 22nd District. And I certainly want to thank our sponsors for giving me the opportunity to come out and introduce myself and give you an idea of who I am, and what I stand for so that come November, when you send me to Lansing, you'll know exactly what you are going to get.

My mother was an administrative officer with the VA hospital, my father was a mechanic. So no one batted an eye when in high school I signed up for the United States Army Reserve to be a light wheeled vehicle mechanic, and it was on July 7th of 2001. But certainly in September our whole world changed. I'm sure everybody here remembers exactly where they were, when those planes started hitting buildings. But for me, what I was doing is I was on the phone with my reserve unit, trying to become active duty. I was very diehard for it, but it still took some time. I'm not sure how many people out here have ever had to deal with the bureaucracy of the Army, but it wasn't until 2003 that I finally got the opportunity to be an active duty soldier. I served two combat tours in Iraq as a cavalry scout, performing combat operations in Baqouba, Bayji, Najaf and Fallujah.

It was after that, that I really started to gain this drive for public service and I immediately made use of the GI Bill and graduated from Eastern Michigan University and attended law school at Michigan State University. I'm not sure if there is any Spartans out there - yeah, go green, I love it! Ultimately then, really my dream job came about when I became appointed assistant prosecutor of Ionia County, where I was really able to represent the people of the state of Michigan, not only in the Michigan Supreme Court but also the Court of Appeals, Circuit Court and District Courts of Ionia County.

But it was my three years there that I really started to notice some trouble with our laws, they were skewed a bit. And they were skewed against the people. So certainly that's what started giving me the idea that we needed better representation in Lansing, to pass laws that were more focused for us.