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A HD-71 voter asked:
Are you familiar with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact? It's a plan to circumvent the Electoral College, thereby preventing Presidential candidates that didn't achieve a national electoral majority from winning the Presidency, which has happened twice in recent memory. If Michigan hasn't already signed on, would you support this initiative?

I am not familiar with the group, but I'm happy to educate myself on it.

I think that the time has come to look at the intent, the uses and misuses, and the alternatives to the Electoral College. Just as we are considering changing how voting districts are drawn, what voter rights are enshrined in our State Constitution, and who and how much money can be poured into candidate and initiative campaigns, we can look at the Electoral College in 2018 and see if it still does what we want it to do for us in our Democracy.

We cannot be handcuffed by the argument 'this is how it's always been done'. If that were the case, we'd still be bleeding people with leeches instead of treating them with antibiotics. Our Democracy must evolve with the People and the world.

I would be interested in hearing the arguments for and against changing the Electoral College and having conversations with constituents about their views.