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This is a mirror of a conversation between Jason Noble and a Michigan State District 19 resident, held in the comments section of a post on the Jason Noble for State Senate Facebook Group.

Jason Noble: Michiganders got a petition to increase the minimum wage and politicians in Lansing want to change the minimum wage themselves so the petition is invalid and then later gut the law to sidestep your voice. It's an out-in-the-open attack on voters.
Michigan Republicans weigh fate of minimum wage hike, paid sick leave proposals
Michigan GOP legislators are mulling whether to adopt and later amend minimum wage and paid sick leave plans instead of having them go on the ballot.

SD-19 Resident: The "strong minimum wage" kills small businesses. Ask Seattle. Government is not the answer to the problem. Free market capitalism is.

Jason Noble: From a university:
Effects of the $15 Minimum Wage in Seattle

Seattle's minimum wage is doing well.

Also, I want tax breaks for small businesses to help "get them there". By doing so they'll pay people who can have the basic wage to go on to learn a trade, start another small business, work hard, get to a point where they too can hire employees and so on...

Middle class building out is the only economic plan that really moves dollars around for business.

Another wealthy person getting another yacht doesn't make more jobs.

SD-19 Resident:
Why this SoDo business is giving up on Seattle, moving out

As running for public office, it's not your call to hate on people wealthy enough to buy another yacht with money they've earned. No doubt providing jobs and benefits.

The owner of the company I work for is a millionaire. He and his wife drive nice cars and have more than one horse. His success is not my lack of success. He's made hundreds of smart business deals for decades and he employs over one thousand people across the US. He's a wonderful man and a genuine human being. Your plans would hinder his company growth and therefore less jobs for people like me without exactly a professional skill that can still make a living wage.

Jason Noble: You work hard, you get lucky in some ways, you get a business going you should absolutely make a great living. The millionaires aren't even the issue. We have bigger companies than yours paying CEOs 3000x the normal employees wages.

In the past it may have been 30x or 300x. But the amount hoarded at the top and kept from employees to keep them on low wages is a handout to Walmart who doesn't want to pay enough to live on.

No more corporate handouts.

SD-19 Resident: And almost no one stays at Walmart long term. Because they're smarter than that. They're worth more than what they are being paid so they leave. I started working in an arcade. I paid my own bills and just didn't get over extended. Now I'm within reach of being able to tell my wife she can choose not to work if she doesn't want to.

And your CEO analogy is intriguing but your remedy is off. Also the government didn't give any money to Walmart, they let them keep their own money, just like they did to me. And by the way, with that tax cut (because they are wealthy) they hired hundreds of new employees across the US. I was only able to keep my house and car, and employed no one.

Jason Noble: Walmart employs 1% of of America. Whether temporary or not they employ a significant amount of Americans.

Walmart says "let's not pay our employees a good wage so they have to go on government assistance".

That is the handout. Not taking responsibility for the amount you pay people you employ who don't have as many prospects. In lots of places Walmart is the only game in town.

SD-19 Resident: Then it appears you have a problem with individual choice. They can either be exemplary workers and get promoted with pay raise, strike, make individual demands. No one has to choose government assistance.

Jason Noble: Plenty of people have to choose government assistance. I know because I've been on it and it wasn't my first choice.

People without options. You get assistance indirectly because the Fed helps feed you by subsidizing farmers so you can afford to eat.

The fact that you don't pay to plow just your section of road means you pay into a fund that helps everyone. Granted, their performance is inconsistent but it's better to have plowing than not.

SD-19 Resident: I still don't see it being a good thing that government is slowly taking the role of what was once filled by the family unit. The $15 per hour issue, with the reasons you've given us attempting to do just that.

Jason Noble: It's attempting to get a base wage. And if trades employers look around and wonder how to attract people away from retail because they're paying the same as the retail then they should look at their 3000 to 1 CEO earnings and rework the budget to offer wages that compete higher than the minimum.

That's how it works. That's what the purpose of the original minimum wage.

SD-19 Resident: Yes. Companies should do that. With the advent of the internet, it's easier than ever for employees to negotiate wages. And income inequality is not the same as theft.