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The MIHD71 Voter Forums admin posted this question from the 2016 Michigan Voter Guide:
Do we incarcerate too many people in Michigan? What would you change in the criminal justice system?

Non-violent offenders must be treated differently within the criminal justice system. It doesn't make sense to punish someone who possessed small amounts of drugs more harshly than someone who engages in domestic abuse. We must prioritize violence as a worse offense and act accordingly.

This past fall, I learned that as many as two-thirds of the people in prison in the US went through the foster care system at some point. This problem isn't just who is jailed for what crime. This is a fundamental failure to take care of our children while they are still children--to nurture them and give them good role models.

What if instead of sending these young people to prison, we sent them to school? What if we spent more on our schools than we did on our prisons? What if we hired more teachers, social workers, and psychologists than we did guards?

We need to examine our priorities and put our resources into the best options.