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The MIHD71 Voter Forums admin posted this question from the 2016 Michigan Voter Guide:
Should Michigan’s Right to Work laws be expanded, repealed, or modified? Explain your position.

My top priority in entering office will be to repeal Right to Work. This backward-looking law undermines the strength of workers to collectively bargain against larger, stronger companies and businesses.

Workers create the profit of a company through the offer of their work. Some workers are considered more valuable than others--executives versus hourly employees, for instance. Workers who are valued, sought after, and generously compensated do not see a need for unions. Workers who are considered resources of labor are often seen as interchangeable. These workers need the strength of the group to reinforce their value to the workplace.

Workers in Michigan deserve the freedom to bargain their labor for the best return possible. They also deserve the freedom of standard workdays, weekends, health insurance coverage, a retirement plan, and a safe workplace. Unions have played a part in realizing all of these freedoms for workers.

Unions have made the middle class in Michigan (and the United States) possible. No longer do the vast majority of our population toil in dangerous jobs for the profit of a very few. However, the Right to Work movement seeks to end the freedom of wealth for the middle class and shift it back to the fewest wealthy people at the top.

Through my work as a corporate trainer, I know that the greatest assets to any business are its people. Human capital. As soon as someone enters a workplace and gains organizational and project knowledge, they have value to that workplace that cannot necessarily be replaced. Retirees take knowledge with them; separated employees do too. And that is lost revenue potential for the business. The cost of hiring and training new employees far outweighs the average cost of retaining and growing current employees. (Article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20130816 ... as-turned/)